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Our Story

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Message from Our Founders

The Daleah Rejuvenation brand is the organic result of Joni-Dale Morgan and Ron Young, residents of the beautiful island of Jamaica in the West Indies. From a young age they both faced major health crises - Joni with Lupus and Ron with Cancer. The duo bonded over their shared experiences with life-threatening illnesses, which also shaped their passion for a healthy lifestyle.



Joni and Ron, subscribers to entrepreneurship that emphasizes wellness and happiness,  have set out to create high-quality organic products that feel natural, soothing and most importantly reinvigorating.



Joni has leveraged her manufacturing and skin care experience with her popular, award-winning body care brand, Morgan's Creek, in synergy with Ron, an entrepreneur and entertainment and corporate attorney who has built solid relationships in the field of cannabis and hemp extracts such as CBD.



Joni and Ron are proud to bring you DaLeah Rejuvenation, a series of organic, CBD-based products that 'Let Nature Nourish Your Skin'.

Joni-Dale Morgan

CEO, Morgan's Creek Ltd.

Co-Founder DaLeah Rejuvenation

Ronald Young

Founding Partner,

Young Law Attorneys-At-Law

Co-Founder DaLeah Rejuvenation


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